Alcoholism: Is There Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

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Think about this for a second. How much money do you spend on alcohol each month? Do you ever feel angry because you have run out of alcohol?

If you do, then it may be clear that you may be suffering an addiction to alcohol, also known as alcoholism.

Financially, alcoholism is seen as one of the most costly diseases around the world, as billions are spent on alcohol each year.

Alcoholism doesn’t only affect the person abusing alcohol, but also everyone around them: family, friends and may damage the relationships with loved ones.

Careers and jobs may also be lost because of alcoholism, as alcoholics will be less productive, may stay away from work and even be a danger to their work colleagues.

Alcohol affects people’s ability to think clearly and behave rationally and can lead to critical car accidents when driving under the influence, becoming a hazard to pedestrians and fellow drivers.

Alcoholism may also push people to act suicidal as well as violent, causing increases in crime and other illegal activities.

Now you must be thinking is there light at the end of the tunnel for people suffering from alcoholism? The good news is there is, but because alcoholism is a disease with no cure, recovery from it is a lifelong process that requires lots of hard work and dedication.

The best way to treat alcoholism is by not only treating the addiction itself, but also the physical, mental and social aspects of it, all which will be focused on in an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

In the rehab clinic, alcoholics will receive a supervised medical detoxification, which helps remove any withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced due to the abstinence away from the drug.

The staff at the rehab centre will be at alcoholic’s side 24/7, whenever they need medical assistance or moral support.

Patients will also be involved in various types of counselling and therapy such as individual counselling and 12-step group therapy sessions. These are geared at educating alcoholics about alcoholism and to teach them how to avoid drinking in the future.

The length of treatment in a rehab center will be entirely dependent on the severity of the addiction suffered, however all patients are required to stay a minimum of 4 weeks.

If alcohol addicts can’t stay in a rehab clinic because of other important obligations, depending on the severity of the addiction, outpatient treatment may be done, where patients will be able to reside at home and do their daily responsibilities but will need to attend regular counselling and therapy at night.

Getting someone into treatment may seem easy, but it’s not. Alcoholics will constantly deny that they have a problem despite being aware of the negative consequences it’s causing. Waiting till your loved one wants treatment is the wrong stance to take, as you could wait months, even years for them to realise that they need help.

There is no better time than the present and we would like to help. We provide access into the best private alcohol rehabilitation centres all over South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll find the best alcoholism treatment for you or your loved one.

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