Are You a High Functioning Drug Addict or Alcoholic?

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If you think that addiction only happens to teenagers, the unemployed or simply to people different from yourself – think again.
What if I told you that addiction can happen to top business executives, doctors, lawyers or even mothers who stay at home and look after their kids?
When it comes to drug addiction or alcoholism, it can happen to anyone of us, regardless of our status in society. Looks can be deceiving, in fact, it could be tearing your or a loved one’s life apart without even knowing it.
So, are you a high functioning drug addict or alcoholic? Here’s how you can find out.

What is a High Functioning Addict?

A high functioning addict does not fit the bill of your normal, stereotypical ‘addict’. These are people that hold high regard in places of power or authority and it’s usually the people you least expect to be suffering with an addiction problem because of their status.
What may seem like an influential and credible lifestyle to you could actually be a mirror of a problem that will only get worse as time goes on.

The Signs and Symptoms of a High Functioning Addict

If you are wondering how to determine if you or a loved one a high functioning drug addict or alcoholic, here are some warning signs to look out for:


One of the most common aspects of almost every addiction is the denial of any problem being present and it’s no different for high functioning drug addicts or alcoholics.
For example, these types of people think that because they are able to complete their daily responsibilities at work or at home, that they don’t use drugs or alcohol everyday or that they haven’t caused any trouble yet, that they have things under control.
In fact, some high functioning drug addicts or alcoholics actually believe that they deserve to use drugs and alcohol because they work so hard!
This is fractured thinking, which may lead to serious health complications when drug addiction and alcoholism is left ignored and untreated.

Changes in Health and Behaviour

High functioning drug addicts or alcoholics will often try their best to cover up the fact that they have a problem, but because these narcotic substances are so powerful, it’s only a matter of time before it begins to show physically and in the way they act.
For example, the health effects of drug addiction and alcoholism may range from insomnia, changes in body weight and their physical appearance, while the behavioural effects could include attitude changes, mood swings, failing to complete daily responsibilities and even neglecting family and friends to create more time to fund their addiction.
However, despite all this, a high functioning drug addict or alcoholic may still be able to convince the people closest to them that there’s no problem present, which gives them more time to use drugs or alcohol.
But when these excuses run out, the addiction problem may have reached a point where it cannot be justified anymore.

Addiction Treatment Help

If you think that you or a loved one could be a high functioning drug addict or alcoholic, we are here to help you.
We understand what you or your loved one is going through and we also understand the repercussions of allowing an addiction to be left untreated.
Things will not get better without receiving proper professional help, and we can offer you that.
For access to the best private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand, call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors find the best treatment for you or a loved one.

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