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When considering drug addiction rehab choices it’s important to recognise that different styles of treatments are better suited to different levels of drug abuse and addiction, and that individual’s have specific needs.
Various different drug addictions have some common factors and the rehabilitation process may be quite similar in certain regards but each person is unique and therefore will respond in different ways to different treatments. What works for one isn’t always guaranteed to work for another, often it can be a process of elimination but a trained addictions counsellor will know where is best to begin.
The role of an addiction counsellor when assessing an individual’s treatment plan is invaluable, a mutually agreeable plan will be arrived at after a thorough assessment of the patient and is based on many factors including the specific patients current addiction and case history. Holistic drug addiction treatment is not limited to one process; it combines multiple disciplines & different schools of thought in order to maximise the chances of a positive outcome for each addicted individual.
Quality and holistic drug addiction treatment will consist of the following – individual counselling, group therapy, out-patient rehabilitation, detoxification including medication, in-patient rehabilitation, after-care, and alternative therapies like massage, art therapy, outward bound excursions and referral to Secondary Care and Tertiary Care / Halfway Houses.
Treatment plans can be structured around lifestyles and any prior commitments a patient may have, should the patient not have crossed the line from drug abuse to drug addiction.  Fears of having to take time out of work or cancelling an urgent appointment should not be a factor if the patient is still in the abuse phase and not begun a total addiction.
Addiction is a very lonely disease that in almost every case leaves the person suffering from it feeling isolated, this is why group therapy is such an integral part of the process of getting clean. It’s easy for an addict to think they are the only person on earth feeling the way they do, experiencing the feelings they feel. When getting sound drug addiction treatment and information from professionals patients also meet with others who are going through exactly the same thing it shows them they are not alone.  
Patients will often help each other, sharing self reports and the facts of their experience about how best to engage in the addiction treatment and recovery process.  Discovering the different particulars about how fellow recovering addicts cope with cravings and withdrawal symptoms and sharing this data together, forms an additional support network.
Individual addiction counselling is equally beneficial in a very different way. Professional addiction counsellors will work with their clients to explore on a deeper level why and how the addiction may have came about and then ways in which the patient would feel most comfortable tackling it.
Out-patient rehab is a viable choice for those who have commitments that cannot be avoided, whilst inpatient rehab is a great choice with a number of significant benefits for many. First and foremost the fact that the patient is never left completely alone means moments of weakness are minimized and access to substances, unlike in the outside world, is withdrawn. Sharing their time and news of the outside with others undergoing similar experiences makes patients feel less isolated and, as they say “There’s strength in numbers”.
All patients entering drug addiction rehab will be medically assessed in order to help counter any side effects withdrawal may produce through the use of medical therapies, before patients can fully take part in any of the formerly mentioned treatments. With treatment plans this wide and versatile there should be no problem when trying to find something to suit your individual needs. Take the first step by getting in touch with one of our trained addictions counsellors today and begin your road to recovery.
If you’re looking for more specific drug addiction treatment information or need rehab for yourself or a loved one please contact us directly. 

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