Eastern Cape Addiction Treatment Centres

We Do Recover

Our private Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres rank right up there with some of the best rehabs in South Africa.

They only have one thing in mind: to make sure that every single patient has the best shot at addiction recovery by offering the best possible care available.

Each of our private Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres base their programs on the Minnesota model of treatment, used by all the top rehabilitation centres around the world. The facility gives patients everything they need: privacy, high quality medical care, comfort and support.

What Makes Our Eastern Cape Addiction Treatment Centres Special?

Our Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres don’t only help patients find their ‘old selves’, instead, they aim to make each patient safer and more mature individuals away from addiction.

The high qualified, experienced and multidisciplinary staff team at our Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres provide 24 hour medical care, education, counselling and therapy that are adapted for every single patient that gets admitted, ensuring that each addict gets their own personal needs met and that they are well skilled to deal with any obstacles that they might stumble upon during their recovery.

The Programmes Offered By Our Eastern Cape Addiction Treatment Centres

Our Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres offer inpatient and extended care programmes to ensure that every recovering addict stays on the right path inside the clinic and once they outside of rehab centre.

The inpatient program involves a residential stay inside our Eastern Cape addiction treatment centres, which may last for anything between 4 weeks to 3 months, depending on the nature and severity of the addiction suffered.

While in rehab, patients will receive a variety of different treatment techniques, all geared to help you reach your recovery goals. They include:

Supervised medical detoxification
24 hour medical care
Individual counselling
Group Therapy
Family Therapy
Relapse Prevention

Once completed, patients also have the opportunity to participate in extended care programs, which slowly help patients to safely reintegrate back into society. It has proven to be highly effective in helping many recovering addicts get over the tough early stages of rehab and most importantly, to prevent the possibility of suffering a relapse.

Get Admission into an Eastern Cape Addiction Treatment Centre Now!

If you or your loved one is suffering from addiction, we understand what you’re going through and we want to help you. Allowing an addiction to continue should never be an option.

Every single private Eastern Cape addiction treatment centre we offer accept all South African medical aid schemes that will cover the majority of the costs of rehab, making it extremely affordable for everyone.

Feel free to contact us at anytime for free and confidential advice on you or your loved ones addiction and also for access to the best private Eastern Cape addiction centres near you.

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