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WeDoRecover’s Eastern Cape rehab ranks with some of the best addiction treatment centres in the country and boast a full complement of highly qualified and experienced staff based in a beautiful recovery conducive environment.
For access to the best private rehabilitation centres in the Eastern Cape, call us on 082-747-3422 from South Africa for confidential and expert advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.

What You Can Expect From Our Eastern Cape Rehab

If you are struggling with an addiction or if you know of someone who is, the most important thing is to get the best possible care for them. Our Eastern Cape rehab ensures that they modify their treatment programs to every single patient that is admitted.

But why is this important?
We are all different and nobody’s addiction symptoms will ever be the same, regardless if two people are addicted to the same thing. Some addicts might find that their symptoms are more severe than others.
Creating an individualised addiction treatment program gives you or your loved one the safest and best possible chance at achieving long term recovery.
Our Eastern Cape rehab specialise in many addictions, which include eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. Every patient will be under the guidance of some of the country’s leading addiction professionals, ensuring that you or your loved one only gets the best treatment available.

Eastern Cape Rehab Facilities
Our Eastern Cape rehab is based in the beautiful Garden Route, renowned for its scenic stretch of vegetation, lagoons and lakes on the south-eastern coast of South Africa.
This addiction treatment centre is has its own forest and gardens, giving patients the time to take a nice tranquil and scenic walk. They also house a swimming pool to relax in and to top it off; it’s just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Knysna Elephant Park.

They offer primary care and secondary care, to ensure that while the patient is in treatment or have already been discharged, they can still receive care and support to help them achieve their recovery goal.
Primary care involves a residential stay inside the rehabilitation centre and the length of it will be determined by how severe the addiction is and also what funding is available, however, there is a minimum requirement that patients will need to stay in treatment for 4 weeks to ensure that they are best prepared to return into society confident and skilled to avoid using drugs or alcohol again, which may extend to anything up to 9 months.
However, while it may seem long, the costs of not getting treatment far outweigh the time a recovering addict has to spend in rehab, in fact, the longer an addict stays in addiction treatment, the better are their chances of achieving long term recovery.

Get Access into an Eastern Cape Rehab Centre Now!
If you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction and are based in the Eastern Cape, then it’s important to get help immediately.
Call us now on 082-747-3422 from South Africa to get immediate access into a top class Eastern Cape rehab facility.

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