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Most people approach us looking for a drug addiction solution for one of their family and friends. It’s imperative to understand that once drug addicted people cannot clearly see the destruction they cause and that this is a feature of the illness.

It’s not because they’re being “bloody minded”, nor because they’re stupid, or wanting to hurt you, it’s precisely because they’re addicted that they cannot see the full consequences of their drug addiction. It’s often said that unless the addict hit’s “rock-bottom” and is highly motivated to enter rehab that spending money on treatment is a waste of time because they will not get well. THIS IS ENTIRELY UNTRUE. The entire purpose of quality drug addiction rehab is to better enable a solution through shifting the patient to more clearly recognise the damage that their addiction causes. It’s only once the addicted person has an acute awareness of the severity of their problem can they begin to take responsibility for making the necessary lifestyle changes.

Until the addicted persons experience and perceptions of the serious nature of the consequences to their continued addiction they literally have no reason to stop using drink or drugs.

This ‘reframing’ of the addicted persons perception is paramount to finding a drug addiction solution. If yourself or a loved one are addicted to alcohol or other drugs please contact us today for advice on practical solutions available in your area. There are several things that can be done to help towards a long term drug addiction solution. These are not to be confused with addictions cures.

We subscribe to the belief that alcohol and drug dependency is a brain disease and that once you have the illness there’s no cure. When seeking drug addiction solutions there is treatment and recovery, but no one is ever cured from their addiction. For this reason it is key to ensure that the foundation of drug addiction treatment is stable and provides the addict with sufficient skills around relapse prevention and the ability to avoid situations where a relapse is inevitable.

When in a quality addictions treatment programme the benefits of changing your old playgrounds, playthings and playmates will become more apparent. Many addicted patients find it difficult to consider giving up some aspect of their addicted lifestyle, yet when faced with the choice of whether they want to continue to use drugs and suffer the consequences that brings (jails, institutions, broken relationships, crashed vehicles, destroyed careers and potentially death) or give up a few ‘pleasures’ and have the chance to truly begin to live their lives, few people in touch with reality choose to return to active addiction.

The benefit of attending a quality rehab is that the professional staff will assist in providing very real and practical drug addiction solutions.  Addictions counsellors’ first task with a new patient is to establish a solid rapport. Once a good counselling relationship has been struck the counsellor can present things for the patient to consider in a healthy, open, trusting manner that would be impossible for the addicted person to hear without the rapport in place.

Once a good rapport has been achieved through the focal counsellor the clinical team as a whole can begin to dismantle the addicted persons Denial system, the mental defence structures supporting ongoing addiction. Everyone that becomes addicted has a peculiar mental twist that takes place making it OK for them to return to using alcohol and / or other drugs. This internal means of justifying and rationalising our addictive behaviour has to be dismantled and explored in a safe clinical environment to best allow the patient the chance of finding a long term drug addiction solution.

Addictions counsellors work at finding ways to narrow the discrepancy between the addicted patient’s view of the world and the reality of their addiction. This can be effectively achieved through collateral letters and conferences with employers, family etc.

If you are seeking help for someone with an addiction problem it is key to gather information and chat to professionals in the field. We Do Recover are a team with 30 years on international addictions treatment that offers an expert advisory service. We offer addiction advice and guidance and help addicted people to find the best rehab for their individual needs. Call us today and we’ll help you to assess what the current situation is, the nature and severity of the addiction, the personal history of the patient and the available budget for an drug addiction solution.

Drug addiction solutions will be provided to you in the form of immediate access to various treatment facilities in your area. Of course there is no charge for any advice and we’ll get the best clinics in your location and price range to call you back immediately.

We provide information on drug addiction rehabilitation services in the UK, South Africa and Thailand. We will be able to inform you of each centre’s meal plans, exercise facilities, rooms, treatment programmes and prices.

Chatting to addiction treatment consultant will ensure that you are able to assist your loved one in the best way possible. Do not waste time looking around for a miracle drug addiction solution, take the time to contact us and discuss your treatment and recovery options with us today.

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