Registered Rehab for Alcohol Detox and Addiction Treatment

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In many cases the crisis point that has precipitated an alcoholic seeking a detoxification and treatment at a registered rehab facility has been at the least quite distracting if not obviously traumatic for the suffering alcoholic as well as their family, friends and loved ones. Often the period prior to being admitted has been a long and drawn out experience leaving both the alcoholic and their families exhausted. The relief at just managing to get an alcoholic into a detoxification clinic and appropriate treatment at a registered rehab can easily overshadow the normal considerations that accompany a decision of this magnitude.

Unfortunately, as many admissions are crisis driven, there is normally a lack of time spent time exploring the options and ensuring that the registered Alcohol Detox and rehab treatment facility is all it needs to be for the suffering alcoholic. This investigation of rehab facilities is invaluable in finding the most appropriate and registered alcohol detox. Professional care and counselling in a residential rehabilitation facility is an alcoholic’s best opportunity to a successful start on the road to recovery. It is vital that the chosen registered facility meets the criteria necessary for treating the alcoholic’s needs correctly. Rehab treatment centres based on euphemistic premises such as “tough love” or promoting “boot camp” approaches may be highly detrimental not only to the alcoholic’s condition but also to their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Not choosing the right registered rehab treatment for Alcohol Detox may even delay the alcoholic’s chances of attaining long term contented sobriety.

If an Alcoholic experiences a lack of care and even abusive practices at the wrong alcohol rehab, not only are they unlikely to remain sober after the rehab treatment, they’re unlikely to want to re-enter any alcohol rehab centre again. Not remaining sober after the wrong alcohol rehab will inevitably lead to further crisis and the need for further, and hopefully more appropriate, alcohol detoxification and treatment at a registered rehab. If you’re looking for an alcohol rehab centre to detoxify an alcoholic or addicted loved one, please ensure you make the right choice, as making the wrong choice may very well turn them off any future attempts at sustainable sobriety. Finding a registered rehabilitation clinic need not be a daunting task. Referrals or recommendations from Health Care professionals are the best route to finding the right drug addiction treatment centre for care.

A good Primary Care Residential treatment centre will be registered and offer detoxification and care administered by a multi-disciplinary team including Nurses, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and trained addictions counsellors. Many counsellors are recovering addicts and alcoholics and whilst just as many are not it is highly advisable to look for facilities that include individuals in recovery within the treatment team. Having said that, it is paramount that these recovering people (para professionals) have serious amounts of sobriety behind them and are accredited by a Board of Health Care Practitioners or some counselling body. It only became illegal in the UK in 2003 to call yourself a counsellor and not be accredited by a board of counselling professionals. Who knows when the same regulations will appear in South Africa?

Any alcohol detoxification treatment at a registered rehab will be clean, safe and secure, however it is key that the alcoholic feels like a patient and not like a prisoner. Registered drug addiction rehab facilities should offer screening interviews to assess alcoholic patients, thereby helping to determine what the best way forward will be for each individual alcoholic, and the ability to provide structured, personalised treatment plans in the care of trained and professional staff. Often registered drug addiction rehab and alcohol Detox facilities will provide this initial screening assessment free of charge. Registered addiction clinics that provide a 12 Step Programme, such as AA & NA are equipping the addict and alcoholic with the ability to connect to the various fellowships both whilst in treatment and on discharge. The support networks of the 12 step fellowships can be a vital link in the alcoholic’s long term recovery. The best registered treatment centres treat the disease of alcoholism and provide not only a safe environment to detox but also to begin the structured therapeutic process required to lay the foundations for a strong long term recovery. The disease of addiction is incurable however in the right treatment conditions it can be arrested and ongoing recovery is then possible.

A reputable and registered rehab will address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of its patients and will be able to give the best advice for secondary treatment according to the individual’s situation either through Extended Primary Care, Secondary Care or out-patient treatment. These options may seem very distant to getting admitted to a registered alcohol rehab, but it’s important to ensure that plans are in place to secure the best treatment. A quality registered rehab facility will certainly offer family and friend involvement through joint therapy sessions (known as conjoints), family days and referrals for family members to attend Family and Relationship Counselling.  Addiction has for many decades been regarded as a family disease, and just as it is easy to see the negative effects of alcoholism on the family it is also possible to enjoy the positive benefits that come with recovery.

Many drug addicts and alcoholics only get one chance at recovery, and in these cases, the right environment is paramount to their success. A registered rehab that provides proper alcoholic treatment after the detoxification is an absolute necessity.

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