Signs To Look For When Treating Addiction

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Being an addict is not something that one can just ignore in the hope that it will go away or you will grow out of it. Dependency to alcohol or other drugs is something that should be taken very seriously and quality addictions advice sought as soon as possible to give the best chance for a positive recovery.

Common addictions include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, acid, ecstasy, mushrooms, gambling, sex, the internet and even certain eating disorders, to name but just the most common. Treating addiction is most certainly possible and effective, but needs to be done at a quality addictions treatment facility in order to experience the best results.

Treating addictions effectively is not something that happens easily and at any rehabilitation centre. Once a person has become addicted to alcohol or other drugs the movement they need to make from the ‘culture of addiction’ to a ‘culture of sustainable recovery’ is a difficult one and addicted patients need a specialised treatment to help them towards abstinence. As the family and friends of someone with an addiction it is your responsibility to (once a clear diagnosis of dependency is made) to ensure that the stance adopted towards the addicted person is one that will not further enable their addiction but begin to pressure them towards an effective intervention i.e. treatment.

Please find professional help from an experienced, accredited addictions counsellor to learn more about the specifics of your loved ones addiction and how best to move forwards. In some cases, WeDoRecover can help you to plan and deliver and intervention forcing the addict into getting the help they so desperately need. Addiction itself causes the victim to be unable to recognise their illness and actively do something about it. It is very rare for a drug addict to be “ready” for rehabilitation or to willingly make significant changes in their ways.

We Do Recover are a resource that offers an expert addiction advisory service. You can expect to be assisted with identifying the signs of addiction and should keep your eyes open for the following:

  • Lack of interest in school or work
  • Desertion of usual hobbies or interests
  • Family and close friends taking a back seat
  • Excessive partying and socialising
  • Lack of enthusiasm for life
  • Unusual sleeping patterns or hours
  • General unhealthy and tired appearance

These are just a few of the signs to look for in loved ones you may suspect of addiction. Take the time to contact We Do Recover and chat to a friendly consultant about the options available for treating addiction. If you know someone with addiction issues it is your duty to assist them. Waste no more time – make that call today.

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