Who is WeDoRecover?

We Do Recover

WeDoRecover was started by Gareth Carter N.C.A.C., A.D.C. (UK), who is an internationally accredited addiction counsellor that has held the ‘Head of Treatment’ position in both England and South Africa.

Carter is also a recovering addict and alcoholic for over 20 years, offering vast amounts of experience and understanding in addiction, treatment and recovery from both sides of the fence.

He currently specialises in the pre-admission crisis and does interventions around the world working with the best rehab centres in the UK, South Africa and Thailand.

WeDoRecover is an addiction helpline that provide addicts and the loved ones with free, impartial and confidential advice on how to deal with addiction.

We provide immediate access into the best private addiction treatment centres all over South Africa, which have been handpicked by our team of qualified and highly experienced counsellors.

WeDoRecover understands what you are going through, whether you are the addict yourself or if you are looking for treatment for a loved one. We have been there, and now we are ready to help you.

We make it our mission to ensure that every single patient receives their own treatment program that are customised and modified to suit their own personal needs. We do this because we know that every patient’s addiction will differ from someone else’s, regardless if they are addicted to the same narcotic substance.

We also provide addiction treatment that will suit your budget, as all of the rehabs we offer accept South African medical aid schemes that cover most of the first 4 weeks of treatment, which includes a supervised medical detox meaning that your loved one can get into treatment immediately.

Here at WeDoRecover, we know that it’s not just the addict that is affected, but also the people that’s closest to them. That’s why we offer family programmes and aftercare to help fix any relationships that may have been broken, while getting you or your loved back on the right path.

We would like to help you and we only want what’s best for our patients, so feel free to contact us anytime on 082 747 3422 in South Africa for access to top class private addiction treatment centres to suit you or your loved ones needs.

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