Rehabilitation Unit

We Do Recover

Rehabilitation Units are facilities that offer medical and psychological care to those who abuse or are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

They aim to help addicts and abusers recover to live a clean and sober lifestyle.

The first stage of rehab may include a supervised medical detoxification which helps lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced before starting the other features of the treatment program.

Once in the unit, recovering addicts will be taught about their addiction, as well as new skills on how to avoid using the drug and managing cravings in the future.

A stay in a rehabilitation unit is entirely dependent on the nature and severity of the addiction suffered however there is a minimum of 28 days that have to be completed.

It has been proven that patients who leave rehab early are more likely to suffer a relapse than those who finished the entire course of the treatment program.

Rehabilitation units have to modify their treatment methods with every new patient that is admitted and have to actively engage and become involved in their patients path to recovery.

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