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More potent varieties of marijuana encompass sinsemilla, derived from carefully cultivated female plants, as well as concentrated resins that pack high levels of the plant’s active compounds. These include the honey-textured hash oil, the waxy substance known as budder, and a hard, amber-like resin called shatter. Each of these forms offers a significantly heightened potency compared to traditional marijuana products.

The evolution of modern cannabis has seen a significant increase in potency, largely due to the cultivation of seedless cannabis, known as sinsemilla. By growing marijuana without seeds, the resulting buds contain a higher THC concentration, the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, compared to traditional seeded varieties. This heightened potency has made sinsemilla increasingly sought after by users desiring a more intense high. The term ‘sinsemilla,’ originating from Spanish and meaning “without seeds,” gained widespread recognition in the 1970s as its cultivation and distribution expanded, marking a notable shift towards stronger cannabis strains in the market.

Sinsemilla’s Effect on Cannabis Addiction

This increased potency has important implications for cannabis addiction. Higher THC concentrations can lead to more intense psychoactive experiences, which may increase the likelihood of developing a dependency. Users may find themselves needing to consume less to achieve the desired effects, but over time, they may also develop a tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the same high. This can lead to a cycle of increased use and dependency.

The stronger effects of modern cannabis strains can exacerbate potential negative side effects, including cognitive impairment, anxiety, and in some cases, psychosis. For those with a predisposition to mental health issues, the use of high-potency cannabis poses an even greater risk.

The evolution of cannabis potency thus represents a double-edged sword: while it provides users with more powerful effects, it also increases the challenges and risks associated with cannabis use, contributing to a rise in the incidence and severity of cannabis addiction. This reality passes on the need for greater awareness and understanding of the potential risks of modern, high-potency cannabis products.

    Addiction and Mental Health

    Treatment Services

    Founded in 2008, WeDoRecover has evolved from an advisory service for addiction treatment into a comprehensive provider of care, following its 2019 merger with Changes Addiction Rehab in Johannesburg. Specializing in connecting patients to top-tier addiction treatment centers in the UK, South Africa, and Thailand, WeDoRecover supports individuals globally, including those from the United Arab Emirates and Europe. Accepting both South African medical aid and international health insurance, the organization facilitates access to high-quality treatment for substance and alcohol use disorders, offering individualized care that addresses the physical, mental, and social needs of patients.

    Our team, led by Gareth Carter, offers empathetic and professional support, guiding you through every step of the treatment process. Whether you're in South Africa or abroad, our acceptance of various insurance plans makes quality care accessible, providing a platform for lasting recovery and a healthier future.

    Inpatient Rehab

    Our rehab care is a good option if you are at risk of experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms when you try stop a substance. This rehab option would also be recommended if you have experienced recurrent relapses or if you have tried a less-intensive treatment without success.


    If you're committed to your sobriety but cannot take a break from your daily duties for an inpatient program. Outpatient rehab treatment might suit you well if you are looking for a less restricted format for addiction treatment or simply need help with mental health.


    Therapy can be good step towards healing and self-discovery. If you need support without disrupting your routine, therapy offers a flexible solution for anyone wishing to enhance their mental well-being or work through personal issues in a supportive, confidential environment.

    Mental Health

    Are you having persistent feelings of being swamped, sad or have sudden surges of anger or intense emotional outbursts? These are warning signs of unresolved trauma mental health. A simple assesment by a mental health expert could provide valuable insights into your recovery.

    Finding the right rehab close to you is simple with WeDoRecover. Our network includes the finest rehab centers, ensuring personalised, quality care for your recovery needs. Let Gareth Carter and our empathetic team help guide you to a center that feels right for you, offering expert care and support. Start your healing today by choosing a rehab that's not just close to you, but also that truly cares about your loved ones recovery.

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