Post-Intervention Support and Recovery

We Do Recover aids in the smooth transition to rehab, provides guidance for handling refusal and supports family well-being through resources and support groups, ensuring a collaborative approach to recovery. Our counsellors are here to help you today.


Following an intervention, the path towards recovery can take various paths, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities for support. When a loved one agrees to enter treatment, We Do Recover steps in to facilitate a smooth transition into a rehabilitation facility. Our team assists with the logistics, from selecting the right facility that meets the individual’s needs to arranging admission details, ensuring that the process is as seamless as possible. This crucial support not only eases the burden on families but also reinforces the individual’s decision to seek help, providing a solid foundation for their recovery process.

In instances where a loved one is hesitant or refuses help, We Do Recover offers guidance on maintaining healthy boundaries and managing the complex emotions that arise. Recognising the importance of sustained efforts, we provide strategies for navigating these challenging situations, including how to approach future interventions. Our focus is on empowering families and partners with the knowledge and tools needed to encourage their loved one towards recovery, while also protecting their own well-being.

Acknowledging the emotional toll that addiction can have on the family unit, We Do Recover points to the significance of self-care for friends and family members. Our support extends to providing resources and access to support groups that can offer solace and understanding during this difficult time. By emphasising self-care, we aim to ensure that families remain resilient and emotionally equipped to support their loved one’s recovery process.

Regardless of the outcome of the intervention, We Do Recover remains committed to supporting families and individuals through the aftermath. Our comprehensive approach addresses the logistical, emotional and psychological aspects of addiction recovery, offering a beacon of hope and practical assistance. By partnering with families and individuals post-intervention, we pave the way for healing and recovery, emphasising that the path towards wellness is a collaborative and supported effort.

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