Family Therapy

The family of a drug addict is always affected by their loved one’s addiction.

Living with somebody who is busy walking down the path of destruction is a very difficult emotional experience. Often addicts will lie and steal to support their addiction and families can bear the brunt of this dishonest behaviour.

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is an opportunity for the family to look at their own healing process and to challenge the dynamics within the family in which addiction was thriving.

Family therapy will also help to teach you how to handle addiction more productively and decisively. It will provide useful information and support resources to the family so that future problems can be avoided or dealt with.

The family can play an active role in their loved one’s addiction treatment program in a drug rehab centre.

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Many drug rehabilitation clinics in South Africa offer family therapy to those who are affected by their client’s drug use. It is fundamental for the addict in drug rehab that you attend these sessions but ultimately these sessions are held for you, the family.

You will find that family therapy sessions can help you to live more productively and happily.

One way that family therapy sessions can help to mend a family is to help the addict rejoin the circle.

Addicts in drug rehab often feel alienated from their families as a result of their guilt and shame.

Family members may be angry and need a chance to work through it before being able to feel comfortable with the addict again. By joining a family therapy group you are telling your loved one that you are willing to help with their recovery and that you love him/her.

Some family members are reluctant to join a family therapy group. They don’t understand why they need to or they feel angry and don’t believe they have a problem.

We ask them to remember that their support can make the difference in an addict’s successful addiction treatment in a drug rehabilitation clinic.

Family therapy will open up channels of communication in your family which will help to strengthen your relationships. Having a trained counsellor help you to address your common concerns can help to ease frayed nerves and put old arguments to bed.

What family can be said to be completely “functional”? Couldn’t any family stand to gain from participating in a healing process and spending some time thinking about how the family dynamic works?

Drug addiction and alcoholism have very negative effects on the family. Choosing to participate in a family therapy program while your loved one is in drug rehab in South Africa can help your family repair past damage and deal with future problems more easily.

It will help your loved one return to a family home that knows how to deal with addiction, is informed and able to confront the disease. This provides the addict with a better chance of maintaining addiction recovery once she leaves the drug rehabilitation center.

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