12 Step Treatment Centres

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12 step treatment centres provide drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centred on the 12 step program of recovery.

Treatment can include a residential stay; however, outpatient counselling is also available if appropriate.

What awaits you at a 12 step treatment centre?

Every 12 step treatment centre’s approach will vary. For instance, the period of your stay in treatment is determined by your addiction, your preferences and your finances.

The norm however, is that patients doing the 12 step program usually reside at a treatment centre for 28 days Primary Care (clinical detoxification, group therapy, individual counselling and 12 step work guidance). Out-patient programs are also available, where the addicted person attends daily meetings.

Checking into treatment centers is one of the bravest things an addicted person can do. Often patients are cajoled and pressured into rehabilitation by their loved ones, employers or even the courts and it’s interesting to note that even though addicted people are forced into treatment it can still be successful.

Being isolated from regular life and focusing on the drug and alcohol abuse problem is a key factor in recovery.

There are allocated visitation hours and phone calls allowed outside of therapeutic activites.

During the initial assessment phase patients are also given the opportunity to talk to staff members at the treatment centre to get an idea of how life will be once they are admitted for treatment, and what processes will the 12 step program entails.

Specialist 12 step treatment centres.

Some treatment centres specialise, for example some are gender allocated, either for men or women.

There are also rehab centres that are suitable for anyone but will provide specially made treatment programs in conjunction with a patient’s addiction.

Picking a suitable 12 step treatment centre.

There are many 12 step treatment centres available and picking the right one will be important on your journey to addiction recovery.

Simple criteria would be the location, cost, the approach of the treatment centre, their success rate and your level of comfort at the rehabilitation center.

The most important factors in your choice of a treatment center would be the location most suited to the individual and which one is more likely to be successful.

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