Town of Oldham

Oldham is a large town with a population of about 103,544 according to the 2001 census. It is located just northeast of Manchester and falls within the Greater Manchester district. It is bordered by the rivers Irk and Medlock. The town of Rochdale is about 5.3 miles to the north-northwest.

Oldham was historically considered to be part of Lancashire and only rose to national prominence during the industrial revolution which saw it become an international centre of textile manufacture. Oldham enjoyed booming economic growth through the period of the Industrial Revolution and was amongst the very first European towns to become industrialized. Oldham’s textile industry declined steadily through the twentieth century which created an area economic recession.

There are several organizations operating within Oldham to try and stem the tide of addiction. You can download a guide to local services which will help you to get in touch with NHS and other organizations. However, if you need immediate access to a drug rehab in Oldham we strongly advise you to contact us. We will help you find treatment that matches your clinical needs and falls within your budget.

NGO reports suggest that Oldham is not properly equipped to deal with what they identify as being an increase in substance dependency. It is estimated that within Oldham there are 260 people who should be receiving drug rehab but are not getting it.

Drug rehabilitation in Oldham

An Oldham Drug rehab program will usually start with a careful medical examination by qualified nursing staff and doctors. Addiction can have very negative physical consequences and people arriving for substance abuse treatment may often be in quite poor health. In rare cases the patient may be referred to an intensive care unit to be stabilised before attempting to detoxify in the clinic. In most cases the doctors on duty in the clinic will feel able to manage the detox process. Together they will carefully diagnose what detox procedure is going to be best and prescribe a regime that will help you to overcome the physical dependency on drugs that has developed through abuse.

Drug detox in Oldham

It is very important to note that detox in Oldham is not enough by itself to ensure lasting sobriety. In fact, some people relapse during their detox so admission to an addictions treatment centre is not even a guarantee that you will be able to stop using, let alone stay abstinent for any period of time. Rather think of your admission to a drug rehab in Oldham as being the best chance you have at finding recovery rather than being any sort of guarantee.

Oldham Drug rehab options

We Do Recover can help you to get immediate access to private treatment. A full residential program including clinical detoxification can cost as little as £2,000. Any delay that you make in deciding whether or not to be admitted to treatment represents another chance for your addiction to flourish. If substance abuse is left unchecked it will lead to very serious problems and even death. Don’t delay in contacting us – we can help you to find a treatment centre that will meet your clinical needs and suit your budget.

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