Complete Guide To Getting Help With Addiction

If you’re reading this, you or someone close to you might be facing the challenges of addiction. Understanding addiction is a critical step towards healing, not just for the individual grappling with it but also for those around them. Addiction is more than a series of choices; it’s a complex interplay of emotional, physical and behavioural factors that can deeply impact lives.

For many addiction can feel isolating but you’re not alone. Addiction doesn’t discriminate; it touches the lives of people from all walks of life. Whether it’s substances like alcohol or drugs or behaviors such as gambling or excessive internet use, the core of addiction is often the same – a relentless pursuit that gradually overtakes one’s life.

Recognising the presence of addiction is a brave first step. It’s an acknowledgment that things can be different, that a more fulfilling life is possible. This path begins with understanding – understanding that addiction is a condition that needs care, empathy and professional support to overcome. It’s about learning how your experiences, habits and choices interconnect and affect not just you but also those you love.

At WeDoRecover, we believe in the power of this understanding as the foundation for healing. Here, you’re not just a number or a case; you’re a person with a story and a future. As you navigate through these pages, remember that every piece of information is a step towards a new chapter in your life, one where control, happiness and health are within reach. Welcome to the first step of your recovery.

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Substance Addictions

Substance addiction is a complex condition that can deeply affect both your physical and mental health. It involves a compulsive use of substances despite harmful consequences and significant changes in the brain, which can be long-lasting. These substances can range from legal drugs like alcohol and prescription medications to illegal drugs.

Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol is one of the most common substances of addiction. Its widespread social acceptance can often mask the serious risks it poses. Alcohol affects the brain’s communication pathways, altering mood, behaviour and coordination. Long-term abuse can lead to a variety of health problems, including liver disease, heart problems and an increased risk of certain cancers.

Prescription Drug Addiction
This includes addiction to opioids, sedatives and stimulants prescribed for valid medical reasons but used in ways other than prescribed or by someone for whom they weren’t prescribed. Misuse can lead to serious health risks, including overdose. It’s important to understand that dependency can develop even when these medications are used as prescribed, necessitating careful monitoring and management by healthcare professionals.

Illegal Drug Addiction
This includes drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and others. The illegal nature of these substances often leads to additional risks, including impurities in the drugs and the dangers associated with obtaining them. These drugs can have severe physical and mental health consequences, including but not limited to addiction, brain damage and an increased risk of infectious diseases.

If you’re concerned about substance addiction, either for yourself or someone close to you, know that effective help is available. With the right support and treatment, overcoming addiction is possible, leading to a healthier and more stable life. At WeDoRecover, we are committed to guiding you to the best possible care and support for substance addiction.

Emotional and Psychological Addictions

Emotional and psychological addictions, though less discussed than substance addictions, can be just as impactful on your wellbeing. These addictions center around certain behaviors or emotional states, often serving as a coping mechanism for deeper issues.

Addiction to Love or Relationships
This form of addiction is characterised by an overwhelming need to be in a relationship or an intense attachment to the feeling of being in love. It might seem benign but it can lead to a cycle of short, intense relationships or staying in unhealthy relationships for fear of being alone. This dependency often masks underlying issues of self-esteem or fear of abandonment.

Addiction to Approval and Validation
Seeking approval or validation from others can become addictive. It often starts with a natural desire for social acceptance but can escalate to the point where your sense of self-worth is entirely dependent on others’ opinions. This can lead to significant anxiety and stress, as you become overly concerned with how others perceive you.

Addiction to Control
A need for control over your environment, situations or even people in your life can be indicative of an addiction to control. This often stems from a deep-seated fear of uncertainty or vulnerability. While striving for control can be beneficial in moderation, an obsession with it can strain relationships and lead to anxiety and stress.

Psychological Impacts of Addiction
Emotional and psychological addictions can lead to a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression and feelings of emptiness or dissatisfaction with life. The psychological toll can be significant affecting not just your mental state but also your physical health, relationships and ability to function effectively in daily life.

Understanding the roots of these emotional and psychological dependencies is key in addressing them. Often, they are linked to deeper emotional issues or past experiences that need to be acknowledged and worked through. Therapy and counselling can be highly effective in understanding and overcoming these types of addictions.

At WeDoRecover, we recognise the complex nature of emotional and psychological addictions and offer a supportive environment to help you address these challenges. Our approach is tailored to your unique situation, providing you with the tools and support needed to find balance and wellbeing.

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Behavioural Addictions

Behavioural addictions, also known as process addictions, involve a compulsion to engage in non-substance-related behaviors despite negative consequences. These can include activities like gambling, excessive internet use or shopping. While these behaviors might seem harmless to some, they can become consuming and disruptive with serious impacts on both personal and professional aspects of your life.

Gambling Addiction: Gambling addiction involves repeated, problem gambling behaviour that causes significant problems or distress. It’s not just about losing money; it’s about the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling regardless of the toll it takes on your life. It can lead to financial ruin, strained or broken relationships and problems at work.

Internet Addiction: With the digital world at your fingertips, internet addiction is increasingly common. This can manifest as an overwhelming need to constantly check social media, play online games or simply surf the web. It might seem innocuous but excessive internet use can lead to social isolation, decreased productivity and neglect of real-life relationships and responsibilities.

Shopping Addiction: Also known as compulsive buying disorder, shopping addiction is characterised by an irresistible urge to shop and spend money, often resulting in emotional and financial distress. This behaviour can provide a temporary emotional high but usually leads to guilt, debt and interpersonal conflicts.

Impact on Life: Behavioural addictions can be as debilitating as substance addictions. They can consume your time and thoughts, leading to neglect of important responsibilities and relationships. The consequences can extend to various areas of your life, including job performance, financial stability and mental health.

Recognising these behaviors as addictions is vital. Often, they are a way to cope with stress, anxiety or other underlying issues. Addressing them requires understanding the root causes and triggers of these behaviors.

At WeDoRecover, we treat behavioural addictions with the seriousness they deserve. Our approach is holistic, considering not just the behaviour itself but also the underlying emotional and psychological factors. We provide you with strategies and support to help you regain control and balance in your life, moving towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Helping A Loved One

Frequent Questions

Addiction can become a complex issue, dealing with loved ones and relationships that are in turmoil. We are here to help navigate the path with you.

Frequent Questions About Addiction


Addiction is more than a personal struggle; it ingrains into every aspect of your life affecting your family, career and health. It’s a force that can alter relationships, turning trust into uncertainty and closeness into distance. Professionally, addiction often means a decline in performance, missed opportunities and strained work relationships. Health-wise, the toll can be immense with both physical and mental health deteriorating under the weight of addictive behaviors.

Yet, in understanding these impacts, there’s a silver lining. Recognising how addiction weaves through the various threads of your life is the first step in untangling it. It’s about shedding the shame and acknowledging the need for change. This understanding is crucial, not just in realising the need for help but in seeking the right kind of help.

The Right Treatment

Finding the right treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each person’s journey with addiction is unique and so too should be their path to recovery. Whether your struggle is with substances, emotional dependencies or behavioural patterns, the key is to find a treatment that resonates with and effectively addresses your specific needs.

Here’s where WeDoRecover steps in. Our role is to guide you through the myriad of treatment options, ensuring you find a place where your individual needs are met with expertise and compassion. Our network of high-quality treatment centers offers a range of approaches, from medically informed treatments to holistic therapies, ensuring that every aspect of your addiction is addressed.

The Role of Rehab

Rehab provides a structured environment where you can understand the root causes of your addiction, learn new coping strategies and start rebuilding your life. The journey through rehab is tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring that the treatment you receive is as effective and personal as it can be.

If your path involves supporting a loved one through addiction, remember that your role is crucial, yet challenging. It’s about finding the balance between support and self-care. Learning about addiction, its signs and impacts can help you offer informed and compassionate support. At the same time, maintaining your wellbeing is essential. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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