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Finishing a lengthy stint in rehab is definitely a commendable feat and one that every recovering addict should be proud of, but it does not mean that they are now cured of their addiction. In fact, the recovery process has only begun!

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong commitment to remaining clean and sober, which can seem like a daunting task once discharged from the drug or alcohol rehabilitation centre.

The biggest worry for recovering addict’s fresh out of rehab is the possibility of suffering a relapse, which in a nutshell is a fall back into their addictive behaviour. In fact, the risk of this happening is at highest in the early months after treatment.
That’s where aftercare comes in, which over the years have proven to be extremely helpful in helping recovering addicts avoid suffering a relapse and safely return back into society.

The best form of aftercare are halfway houses, which are essentially homes that offer patients an extended stay inside a sober living environment, similar to what the addict experienced while they were staying inside the addiction treatment centre.
Patients will stay inside the halfway house; however, they are required to be out during the day doing something worthwhile, for example, going to work or university just to name a few.
Everyone in the sober living home will eat, sleep and spend time together, just like any normal family would and will also be responsible for duties inside and around the halfway house.
The best thing about a sober living environment is that fact that the recovering addict will be surrounded by people with a common goal – long term sobriety away from drugs and alcohol.
The support received and experienced gained in these halfway houses is invaluable and will put the recovering addict in good stead once they leave.

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