Getting Back Relationships Lost Because Of Drinking

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Stop for a moment and think about how alcohol affects your mood. Does the amount you drink make you unhappy? If you answered yes, then imagine what it’s doing to the people that love you the most.

Alcohol is a central nervous stimulant that affects the way people think, feel and behave. Even if drinking makes you feel more energetic, it will eventually slow you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

Over time and continued use of alcohol, these feelings will happen frequently and if ignored, it may cause irreversible damage to the body.

One of the worst effects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism is the fact that it doesn’t only affect the person with the drinking problem, but also the people closest to them.

So many important relationships with family and friends have been destroyed by bad drinking habits and some may often be irreparable.

Getting back relationships lost because of drinking is not only good for your personal life, but it also plays a huge part in the recovery from alcohol abuse and alcoholism, as family and friends are usually the ones that offer unwavering support when its needed the most.

It’s been discovered that the more someone drinks, the further they become from the people that love them, as the only thing that will be important is where, when and how they’ll be able to get their next drink.

The only way to start winning back your family and friends is through effective communication.

And don’t even think about using social media. The best way to strengthen the bonds between loved ones again is to physically become involved.

Even if it’s just a daily phone call, it’s important to get the voice-to-voice communication started again.

Life in its essence is all about the physical, psychological, holistic and emotional bonds we have with the people around us. Without it, we’d feel very lonely. This is what happens to people addicted to alcohol; they begin to distance themselves from the real world.

Think about the relationships you’ve had with people over the years up till now.

If they were once cherished and have good memories of it, then there’s a good chance that these people feel same way. Try to reconnect with them, as it could just be the map to help you find the ‘healthy and alcohol free’ you again.

It’s common for alcoholics to feel guilty and angry about their addiction. However, it’s important to show your loved ones that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions. This will help in making them see that you have turned over a new leaf and could even be the starting point of forgiveness.

Love them or hate them, we all need family and friends to live a happy life. Yes, they might be angry for things that might have happened during the time you were excessively drinking, but by showing that you want to become a better person is the first step to making things right again.

If you or your loved one has a drinking problem, we provide access into the best private alcohol rehabilitation centres all over South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand. Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors assist in finding the right treatment available for you.

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