How Alcohol Addiction Affects a Family

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Is someone in your family addicted to alcohol? If that’s the case, then it’s important to know the damage it can cause if no immediate action is taken.
Alcohol addiction is often called a ‘family disease’ as the harmful effects of it do not only affect the alcoholic, but also the people closest to them.
When a loved one’s alcohol addiction is left to flourish, it can cause serious damage to family life and in some cases, the consequences of it can be irreparable.
If it’s a husband or wife is suffering with an alcohol addiction, it can put serious strain on a marriage.
If it’s a parent that’s struggling with alcoholism, the damage and stress it causes often rubs off on to their children, who may even make poorer decisions later in life.
Regardless of whom it is, if there’s an alcohol addiction present, professional help needs to be sought after immediately.

What Happens When my Partner is Addicted to Alcohol?

As we mentioned above, if your spouse is suffering from an alcohol addiction, it can really break down a marriage.
When one partner in the relationship is addicted to alcohol, every single aspect of the marriage will be affected by it.
The financial status at home will be affected, as the alcoholic will need to buy excessive amounts of alcohol to fund their addiction. Time for pleasure and enjoyment will also be cut down as the addict will use their spare time to drink. The barriers of communication in the marriage will also begin to be affected.
All of these are important components to any happy marriage, but instead, the focus will be on avoiding things such as debt, legal issues or relationship problems.
In some cases, the non-alcoholic partner may begin to unintentionally support their loved one’s addiction by getting them out of any trouble they may be in.
This is known as enabling, as the alcoholic will now be able to continue their alcohol addiction without facing the consequences of their actions or getting into an alcoholism treatment center.

What Happens When My Parent is Addicted to Alcohol?

When a mother or father in a household is suffering with an alcohol addiction, it’s often the children that are impacted the heaviest.
Children who grow up in homes where a parent or both are struggling with alcoholism often suffer problems that will stay with them for the rest of their life.
The alcoholic parent may even physically and verbally abuse their children if alcohol addiction help isn’t sought after immediately.
This often leaves the children to look after themselves, feeling neglected and it may even cause their self-esteem to drop to a point where they themselves will make bad decisions, which may even lead to a drug or alcohol addiction later in life.

What Happens When My Child is Addicted to Alcohol?

When a child in the family is addicted to alcohol, it affects all the relationships in the family.
Parents will begin to wonder what went wrong, blame each other and may even begin to fight about what’s best for the child.
In some cases, the child’s siblings may even become influenced by their brother or sister’s alcohol abuse and could start drinking themselves.

Alcohol Addiction Help

If your loved one is addicted to alcohol, then it’s important to get help for them immediately as addiction is a disease that will only get worse over time.
The best way to treat an alcohol addiction is by admitting your loved one into an alcoholism treatment centre.
We provide access to the best private alcohol addiction treatment centres in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Thailand.

Call us now and let one of our qualified addiction counsellors find the best treatment available for your loved one.

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