The Different Stages Of Drug Use

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Most of the time youngsters are tempted into using drugs due to peer pressure. It’s often only the one time for the experience or experimental use. Often it’s short term just a ‘phase’. It’s also dependant on the availability, current fashion and if their circle of friends use drugs. Sometimes it’s a case of “been there, done it” and never use it again and the thought of drug rehab never enters any one’s mind. There is an element of ignorance and risk here, youngsters may use a drug that they are not completely aware of its full effects.


Some people find it necessary to use drugs so that they can have fun. For many people drug use is a part of their regular social or every weekend life. One may find a person uses a large quantity of drugs yet may not be addicted. In these cases it depends on the type of drugs and in what contexts. A prime example is with ecstasy that goes with dance culture. In certain social circles use of recreational drugs is seen as ordinary and normal activity. Many people see no wrong or harm in using certain drugs. There are instances, for example acute cases of cancer where Marijuana is prescribed on medical orders. This is used to provide some relief.

Drug dependency

It is very possible that heavy extended use of drugs one may not be able to control use and become dependent on them. The addiction or craving may be caused by physical or psychological reasons and urgent assistance must be sought. When a person feels they cannot cope without the drug this is referred to as a psychological dependence. This mainly occurs with a person on their own or within a small group. Apart from making one sick it stirs up emotional, social and psychological problems. With cases of drug dependency very often after seeking medical advice admittance to a rehabilitation centre for drug detox is required.

The Abstainers

An abstainer is a person who may have been on drugs, possibly been through the drug recovery process, and knows not to use them again. The person has learnt that he or she cannot due to the addictive nature of drugs. Or, there are people who understand what drugs can do to a person and therefore wish to rather not participate using them.

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