Tips For Returning To Work After Addiction Rehabilitation

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Going back to work after a stint in an addiction rehabilitation centre can be a very intimidating task. The recovering addict might feel like their reputation has been damaged, be under the impression that people will treat them differently or will have no confidence in their ability to perform their duties.
The fear of being excluded by colleagues or even losing their careers are one of the main reasons why many addicts avoid going to a rehab clinic. Below you will be able to find some useful tips for returning to work after addiction rehabilitation.

In reality, recovering addicts should forget about what people will think of them after rehab but rather to focus on staying and remaining clean and sober.

Worried? Speak to Your Addictions Counsellor
If the recovering addict has any fears or reservations about going back to work after addiction rehabilitation, then it is key that this is discussed with the counsellor that worked with the individual at the rehab centre.

What the person may be worried about could be the reason they began using drugs or alcohol in the first place. With the help of an addictions counsellor, he or she can offer you with guidelines on how to approach going back to work.

Stay Away from Jobs That May Cause a Relapse
One of the best ways that a recovering addict can make sure that they remain clean and sober after addiction rehabilitation is by removing anything that may cause a relapse out of their lives.

It is no different in career choice. If the individual is in a job which reminds them of the time when they were addicted or that will cause cravings, avoid it. For example, a recovering alcoholic can’t take up a job in a bar after treatment.

If it means quitting your job and finding a new job or career path, do so.

Learn How to Handle Stress
In the rehabilitation clinic, the addict will have been taught how to deal with stress effectively and once the person is back at work, it’s important that they are put into practice.

While recovering addicts will want to return to work and their normal lives again after rehab, they will have to be realistic and sensible about it. We all are different and while some might be strong enough to get straight back into the swing of things, others won’t be and therefore need more time.
It’s important to understand that some people will respond negatively to the fact that their co-worker attended addiction rehabilitation, while others will be more positive and happy that things worked out well.

Recovering addicts should always keep in the back of their minds the fact that what others think isn’t important, instead their livelihood and health is. Find the right job that will work for you and continue working towards a life of sobriety.

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