Addictions – The Differences

Any person can fall prey to an addiction of any form. Addictions can range from prescription medicines, street drugs to alcohol. Understanding of how an addiction happens and evolves as well insight into the danger signs will assist one to detect problems. However, there is a difference between true addictions to one of problematic behaviour. The only cure is to break the pattern of substance abuse. Assistance with this highly traumatic experience can be obtained through a drug rehabilitation centre with effective drug detox.

People can go through symptoms of addiction for years without developing problems. Some are habitual or periodic substance abusers with instant problems occurring. Many substance abusers have a life changing moment, realizing they have a problem and seek help. Some users are in denial, agreeing to treatment can be a huge mountain to climb for family.

People addicted to alcohol will stumble through many stages of life.

As the addiction takes hold the addict will change. With alcohol abuse, if the person does not drink they feel terribly ill. This in turn makes them do anything in order to obtain alcohol, beg, borrow or steal. With an alcohol addiction, or any, it’s advisable to get professional assistance, don’t try to fix it alone. It will be necessary for the alcoholic to enter a drug recovery programme at a rehabilitation centre.

Street drugs such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine are a serious problem worldwide. Studies have indicated that addictions to these drugs are serious and addicts are unable to stop themselves. As consumption of these drugs increases so the addict requires more and more each time. Drug addiction changes the lives of the addict completely as well as loved ones, life becomes miserable.  Again, the only way to combat this is admittance to a drug rehabilitation centre for assistance.

Then we have scheduled drugs that are government controlled and governed by the Controlled Substances Act. These are normally dispensed by qualified medical personnel. There are five schedules beginning with 1 to 5. The lower the number the higher chance of addiction. This problem as well needs the assistance of a drug rehab centre.

With any addiction of any sort no good comes of it.

Life cannot revolve around drugs.
Some addicts have more than one addiction. It is most important for individuals to be honest with themselves and family and seek urgent assistance.

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