Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drugs

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There are good and bad drugs all about us. Mainly they are manufactured to combat diseases but there are drugs available that are illegally obtained for unscrupulous use. One should respect drugs for what they were originally intended and take them in the prescribed manner as per medical practitioner’s instructions. Certain drugs if taken incorrectly can cause serious side effects and cause irreparable complications. This can be said for manufactured and natural drugs.

Drugs are made to change the course of the body’s chemistry to its benefit. It is possible that they could cause certain minor or serious side effects, some obvious and some you may not realize. Other conditions could be caused due to medication incorrectly prescribed. Whilst on a new medication and one may experience certain side effects such as vomiting, nausea, unusual stomach conditions and skin irritations contact the prescribing practitioner or GP immediately? A drug detox may be required.

Many of the scheduled drugs are made from a combination of synthetic chemicals. These are not present within the body. Originally they are designed to combat a problem in the body and alter bodily functions. Sometimes by introducing this ‘foreign’ chemical it can cause an undesired reaction, cause a mutation of a cell which may well cause other diseases.

Certain drugs can cause a certain dependency, despite side effects one may insist on its use. People may, due to a dependency find they need the drug more and more this leads to a dangerous cycle of problems. Even products like coffee, chocolate which most people regard as normal can create a dependency. With clinical or scheduled drugs a dependency can happen much faster. It is most important to stick to a prescription schedule, be responsible, and avoid further health problems. Never take an extra dose thinking to just give a kick start to solving the illness or problem.

All drugs have certain side effects, whether noticeable or not. Regular use of drugs could make one dependant. If the dependency becomes a really serious problem, the only resolution would be for drug recovery within a rehabilitation centre.

There are many documented cases of people becoming addicted to ordinary OTC drugs (cough mixture) or prescription drugs. One should never treat the consumption of drugs lightly. To have to go through drug withdrawal is not something you want to experience, it can be extremely unpleasant.

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