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People become addicted to alcohol, other drugs (chemical substances whether legal or illegal) and addictive behaviours for many different reasons.

What is clear today is that regardless of whether the origins of addiction are biological, psychological or social, what’s more important is that addiction to alcohol and other drugs has been proven to be a brain disease. Effective and affordable rehab treatment is necessary to help addicted people in taking responsibility for their illness and making the lifestyle changes necessary to facilitate their long term ongoing recovery.

It would be ideal if addiction could be prevented altogether but medical science is a long way off finding an addiction ‘cure’. There are many hundreds of thousands of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts who say that their life in recovery is the only good life they’ve known, that even before they became addicted they were troubled people and that addiction recovery, living a new lifestyle, has enabled them to find serenity in difficult situations and better ways to cope with themselves and their lives.

The most commonly held misconception about quality addictions treatment is that the patient has to come to the point of desperately desiring to quit, and that forcing a person into rehab is a waste of time and money. The opposite is, in fact, true.

Pre-admission levels of motivation have little to do with a positive treatment outcome and many forms of external pressure from friends and family, employers and the court system can actually enhance affordable rehab treatment effectiveness. On the other hand, if your loved one is asking for help and seeking an affordable rehab treatment it’s important that they get the help as soon as possible. The likelihood of a positive outcome to treatment is reduced the longer the patient has to wait to get admitted to an addictions rehab or alcoholism clinic.

If you know someone that’s addicted to alcohol or other drugs and is searching for an affordable rehab treatment contact us at WeDoRecover for positive addiction solutions that can change your lives. Affordable rehab treatment can make that change.
One of the best options for helping those with addiction is for them to participate in a  residential rehab centre.

Here are five reasons why in-patient’s is a more helpful and affordable rehab treatment:

Detox Takes Place in Rehab

Those who spend time in an affordable rehab treatment center have the chance to eliminate the toxins from their minds and bodies. This detox is vital to long lasting rehabilitation as it helps to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and the effects of the drugs.

Peer Support Takes Place in Rehab

While your loved one spends time in rehab, they will receive constructive peer support from the others who are attending the program and working hard to quit their addiction. Staying in residential rehab for at least 30 days, the addicts have the chance to benefit from the support of the others in the programme. The combined help of the experienced and professional rehab staff and the positive influence of the peer support is perfect for helping those who are recovering from alcohol or drug addiction.

Use the Time in Rehab

Overcoming an alcohol or drug dependence is time consuming. The time in an affordable rehab treatment center can be used to thoroughly understand the information given by the experts at the rehab. They regularly deal with behaviors from drug and alcohol abuse and can help to assist addicts in reaching positive change.

Family Involvement in Rehab is Positive

The length of time in rehab also allows for strong family intervention that gives counselling a deeper impact. Family involvement and support is proven to be a huge advantage towards recovery from active addiction.

Those who have become dependent on alcohol or drugs should participate in an in-house treatment program for a period of time to gain the skills needed to handle difficult situations with the pressures that they may face when they leave the safety of the drug and alcohol rehab centre. Learning to use these skills to prevent relapse and to become more relaxed with a structured plan in staying clean and sober will give them a better chance for enjoying long-lasting recovery from an addiction.

For more information about affordable rehab treatments in your area visit call us on 081 444 7000 in South Africa or on the UK freephone 0808-267-3422. We can give advice and guidance on the best private alcohol detox clinics and rehab options throughout South Africa, the UK and Thailand.

A wide range of affordable rehab treatments and services for alcohol and drug addiction can be uniquely designed to meet your specific set of circumstances.

Recovery from addiction is not automatically completed at an affordable rehab treatment centre. It is a process that needs to be lived out every day. The real test of drug and alcoholism recovery comes after rehab. It is then that the individual has to make sure that he does not fall back into a bad pattern of substance or alcohol abuse.

Most drug and alcohol rehab centers have outpatient programmes that help the recovering addict to adapt to normal life as a clean or sober person. These aftercare programmes should include group counselling, individual counselling, life skills classes and more.

Recovery is a lifelong process, but with practice, encouragement and support you or your loved one who is battling with drugs or alcohol can have hope for a normal substance-free life.

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