The Negative Effects Of Doing An Alcohol Detox At Home

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When done correctly, an alcohol detoxification plays an important role in helping alcoholics recover and live clean and sober lifestyle.

However, when it is done wrong, it may only lead to further hurt and pain and in this article, we’ll discuss the negative effects of doing an alcohol detox at home.

What is an Alcohol Detox?

An alcohol detox is a type of treatment done to remove all the harmful toxins of the substance caused by excessive drinking.

It is also done to help alcoholics cope with any withdrawal symptoms that might be experienced when they decide to stop drinking.

Why is it bad to do an Alcohol Detox at Home?

While some alcoholics might prefer to do it in the comfort of their own homes, there are valid reasons why getting a detox done in an alcohol rehabilitation centre is better.

For instance, alcoholics won’t as feel lonely in rehab as at home, as they will be surrounded by others in a similar predicament as themselves. This may even make the addict feel more comfortable and those in treatment might look to help each other get through this tough time.

Also, the possibility that alcohol could be around you is much higher at home than in a rehab clinic, where the substance is forbidden.

If you can’t make the decision to quit drinking on your own without the assistance of others, then it’s likely that you won’t be able to do an alcohol detox at home.

If you were drinking alcohol regularly for a long period of time at home, quitting immediately won’t be easy.

It’s been found that alcohol addicts quitting on their own are more at risk of suffering a relapse. Alcoholics who attend rehab will not only get a detox, but will also be taught about their addiction and how they can avoid using the substance in the future.

One reason why an alcohol detox at home is preferred by some is due to the fact that the risk of a relapse occurring is much higher once a recovering alcoholic has been discharged from rehab.

Doing an alcohol detox in the comfort on their own home may help teach addicts to avoid drinking there again.

However, in some cases, the severity of the withdrawal symptoms suffered such as fevers, convulsions, and blackouts can be a little too dangerous for a detox at home.

It’s important to note that an alcohol detox is no cure for alcoholism and the best way to treat any addiction is by getting professional medical help.

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