Thanks for helping

I never expected to be booked into a treatment centre. I had just sat my finals at Uni and was pretty sure I had done well.  My boyfriend was a fine upstanding member of the community.  I enjoyed a wide social life and felt popular and well liked.

The people around me were expressing concern about my use of diet pills.  I had originally started taking them in an effort to lose weight but discovered that they helped me to stay alert and study for longer periods of time.

It was only when I collapsed one night that I realised something must be wrong.  I decided to see a doctor who recommended treatment for my abuse of diet pills.  She recommended a place but I didn’t really like the place and it was too expensive anyway.  That’s when I Googled and found your addiction advice service.

Thanks for helping me to find a centre that matched my budget and offered what I needed.

Joan R, London, England, UK.

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