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“I was oblivious to just how bad my addiction to drugs and alcohol had become…..treatment and AA saved my life!”

“Reaching out for help is the hardest thing for most addicts and alcoholics. I was oblivious to just how bad my addiction to drugs and alcohol had become. My mother and wife contacted and arranged for them to assess my needs. It’s was only their skilful and delicate approach that got me to agree to ‘try’ rehab at a treatment center near our home. I realise today that if my wife and mother hadn’t asked for help I’d probably still be drinking and using. I am deeply indebted to and also to my family for reaching out and making that first contact. Any contact is good contact when it starts the process of recovery.

A huge part of my alcoholism treatment was the counselling team’s ability to help me remove the roadblocks I had to put in place to benefiting from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Whilst I knew I had a drinking problem (a small one, one that my family went on about a little too much – talk about delusional!) and I knew about AA it was the clinical teams ability to re-frame my alcoholic experiences in such a light that I became highly motivated to work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I can honestly say today that as useful as treatment was, once I’d left rehab and become engaged in the 12 step fellowships, the 12 steps are what have actually saved my life! Bravo to Bill W. & Dr. Bob and all the other old-timers that have paved the way for people like me who are new to recovery from alcoholism through the 12 steps program.

I’m coming up for 2 years clean & sober thanks for and the AA program.” – Greg H. Johannesburg, South Africa.

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